I based Aether from Aither in Greek Mythology, the primordial God of Light and Bright.

In the world of "aeron Aether", he is a Time Virtue recruited by Destiny, on a mission to save those whom Khronos has deemed not worthy to live in his perfect timeline. Travelling through the pipeline to points in time Aether fights off Khronos' henchmen to maintain balance, and save the future lives of the people of Perennial Heights.

He is a strong but humble character, with the right mix of fight and love. Some could say he struggles with his own personal balance whilst maintaining balance in the mortalworld. 

Story Description:

"Aether stands 6 foot 9 inches, lent over the ledge of a tall dark building...

Aether’s black skin, silky and smooth, glimmered delicately as spotlights from circling helicopters above whisk by. Neck down he was covered with tattoos. A mixture of tribal designs, Asian symbols, and some that were too hard to even interpret against his dark skin. Acting like a passport through time, each tattoo was from a different era, a different time, and a different place.

His black eyes flickered behind cobalt lens glasses over every street, tracing them like a grid as he looked for any flicker of life."


© [Tara Dodman, 2017]