I based Destiny from the Greek goddesses of fate, The Moirai who personified the inescapable destiny of man. These three goddesses gave me the inspiration to create one being who holds the same roles. 

In the world of "aeron Aether", Destiny is an immortal like Khronos. The pair maintain balance in the mortal world, by determining individual's fates and whether they live or die. Destiny holds the ledger of names of all the people in the world, and therefore holds the key to the fate of whomever will hold. 

Story Description:

"Destiny’s long black hair was pulled back into a thick long braid. She was beautiful, but her beauty wasn’t relevant to her role in the mortal world. Thus she took pride on her appearance not for the worth of others, but for herself. She is a strong willed immortal, and her attire always reflected this. She wore a brown tuxedo-split layered skirt atop her black thigh-highs. Her breasts perked up peeking between her black leather bustier, and cream bolero jacket. The hint of military followed in her appearance maybe that was why no immortal man could sway her from her work. They were too scared to even approach her."




© [Tara Dodman, 2017]