The meaning of the name Eeva is what made me choose the name for this character. Eeva means life, and life in this story is important.

In the world of "aeron Aether", Eeva is Aeron's love interest.

Story Description:

"Eeva continued to stare into his dark eyes. Unlike her icy blue iris’ his were as black as the night, but to Eeva, she always saw so much light in them...

She was effortlessly beautiful, so never spent too long in front of the mirror primping herself. Away from the Hospital she was somewhat shy natured, yet caring for all things. But Aeron knew that on the job, she was outwardly confident, and sometimes bossy because she would do all she could to save the life that was put to her...

A piece of her ash brown hair fell across her the pale skin of her forehead."


© [Tara Dodman, 2017]