I based Khronos in the reflection of the Greek God of Time (Chronos, Chronus). I used reference of Father Time as well, but Greek Mythology has always fascinated me. 

Khronos is an immortal being in the world of "aeron Aether". He helps Destiny to maintain balance in the mortal world. Who thinks that the mortal world will eventually die due to it's own self destruction of bad people tipping the balance. He decides that he will create a town out of the time spectrum, to which he will transfer the good people of Perennial Heights to rebirth the mortal world, after self destruction.

Story Description:

"Khronos however, was a character Aether took in entirely. He had a lumberjack-esque beard that reached his sternum, and his partly dread-locked hair was tied back revealing his shaved head from the edge of his bushy eyebrows down around the back of his neck. His eyebrows seemed as though they weighed his forehead down, giving him a permanent scowl. There was a rugged attractiveness to him, unlike what Aether had envisioned “Father Time” to be.

Khronos held a tall staff which held a beautifully crafted staff hourglass, filled with cerulean coloured sand. The hourglass was enveloped in twisted root-like wood."


© [Tara Dodman, 2017]